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Natural Alternatives to Chemotherapy for Defeating Cancer - Graviola or Guyabano

Many people prefer natural alternatives like graviola to chemotherapy because they experience less of the side effects that are associated with the drugs that are used for chemo. Chemotherapy is not the only method of defeating cancer; however it is one of the most popular methods.

Graviola-via Wikimedia, CCA 3.0
It is important to do all you can to fight this disease. For too long, cancer has been taking sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. I personally believe that many of these deaths are unnecessary. If adults had access to information on ways in which they could build their body and fight this disease, they would be more likely to live to tell the tale.

Graviola is also known as guyabano or soursop. This plant thrives in tropical countries such as Jamaica. It is also well known among cancer researchers that it thrives in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Graviola is more effective, in some cases, at fighting cancer. There are certain conditions in this category that are not treated effectively with chemotherapy drugs. For example, drugs do not do a good job of combating cervical cancer. Women who have stage IV cervical cancer are usually not expected to have a good chance of beating the disease if they rely solely on chemo.

You should never rely solely on a natural method of treating cancer, unless you are doing so under the supervision of your doctor. Use natural remedies to augment your fight against the disease. Discuss the herbs and other alternative remedies you are considering with your physician.

Doctors will be able to let you know of precautions you should take in advance. They can also let you know which medications may dilute the effect that some of the herbs you use may have or vice versa.

Guyabano is thousands of times better at eliminating cancer from the body, than the drugs which are now used for fighting the various forms of this disease. You can take the juice as a preventative measure if you are risk for cancer. You can also use the juice of the fruit as part of your treatment regime. A tea made from the leaves of the Graviola plant is also effective.

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Source: Cancer Research UK

How to Reduce the Risk of Angina Pain Naturally

Adults all across the world sometimes suffer from angina pain. It is quite unwelcome for more than one reason. Once people experience this, they usually start worrying about the state of their heart.

Anginas are common indicators of coronary heart disease. This is felt as a pressuring pain that spreads from the chest to the shoulders and arms. Doctors will usually ask their patients when the pain is felt, since this serves to indicate how serious the heart disease is.

Heart-via Wikimedia, GNU Free Documentation License
Several things can raise your risk of developing heart disease or complications centered around the blood. For example, if you are a woman, your gynecologist will usually not give you certain contraceptives if you have a history of heart problems. This is because some of these contraceptives can interfere with the way in which blood clots.

Women die every year from breast cancer. However many more women die from complications related to heart disease. About six times the number of women who die from breast cancer die from heart disease every year. Estrogen Replacement Therapy is also thought to contribute to heart disease.

Beyond Cholesterol: The Johns Hopkins Complete Guide for Avoiding Heart Disease is a good guide for people who are interested in learning about some of the latest research on keeping your heart healthy. The book was written by researcher Peter O. Kwiterovich.

If you have an angina attack while doing vigorous physical exercise, you should let your doctor know. Usually they will advise you to avoid serious physical exercise and heavy housework that puts your body under strain.

If you have these attacks while your body is at rest, your physician will become even more concerned. That indicates that you have a more serious form of heart disease. Health care practitioners advise that you can reduce the number of angina attacks you have by avoiding stress.

This includes emotional and physical factors that put you under stress. For example, you should not expose your body to the extreme cold or eat very heavy meals. Both of these put pressure on your heart. As start to do moderate exercise more frequently and make other changes to produce a healthier lifestyle, you will usually experience less frequent anginas.

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine
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Relieve Itching from Insect Bites in Summer with Cinnamon and Honey

Honey and cinnamon have been used for their medicinal properties for many years. Apart from their health benefits, these two foods also have a delicious taste that both adult and children love. Cinnamon is frequently used in pastries and breakfast cereals, while honey is found as a sweetener in many home made meals.

Both of them are often used together because their benefits complement each other. They have been proven to improve heart health. In fact, persons who have suffered a heart attack may take cinnamon and honey in order to prevent a reoccurrence of that event.

However while the two substances are extremely effective when taken internally, they can also be applied externally. During the summer, lots of people go hiking, go out on picnics, or just take more walks with family and friends.

Ants Outdoors- Florida Carpenter Ant
Ants Outdoors- Florida Carpenter Ant-via Wikimedia, CCA 2.0
Taking your dog for a walk is a good way to get some exercise and keep your body healthy.
However being outside places you at a greater risk of encountering biting insects. Many of these small animals are just going about their daily business and only attack when they see you as a threat. Ants are some of the more common instigators of these events. If you step into an ant hill by mistake, your feet will probably be worse off for it.

The inflammation and irritation that is caused by an ant bite can be relieved with a combination of cinnamon and honey. Rinse off the affected area with cool, clean water. Don’t vigorously rub the skin since this will just increase the swelling. Combine cinnamon and honey to make a paste and apply that in a thin layer on the skin.

Cinnamon and honey paste helps with insect bites on children and adults. It will help to ease the irritation and get rid of that red, angry look. If you slowly massage the natural salve into the skin, the pain will ease. It helps to always keep a little container of cinnamon in your kitchen. It comes in handy for many different things. The same applies to honey, which is better for you than corn syrup and more versatile too.
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Lipton Pureleaf Iced Tea Review

Lipton Pureleaf iced tea is fairly popular among people who enjoy non carbonated beverages. Lipton is a well known brand and consumers in many parts of the world like their products. It is usually cheaper to brew a big jug of iced tea and keep it in the fridge. However people sometimes chose to buy bottles of iced tea because of convenience.
Lipton-mug-tea, via Wikimedia, PD
Lipton Pureleaf iced tea comes in a 16 ounce bottle and an 18.5 ounce bottle. The bottle is BPA free, which should provide comfort to people who are concerned about this chemical leaching into bottled drinks. There are also 50 ounce carafes available.

In some countries, iced tea is made from a concentrate that resembles Kool Aid. This can be a turn off for individuals from countries where tea refers to brews made using real herbs such as soursop or Malunggay or dried tea leaves. If you prefer tea that is brewed from leaves, you will be pleased to know that Lipton Pureleaf iced tea is made using black tea leaves.

Each bottle contains a drink that is made with fresh brewed tea. It is sodium free but it contains caffeine. There are about 50 mg of caffeine in each 16 ounce bottle. For that reason it would not be good to have if you are on a special diet that restricts your caffeine intake.

Some people have eczema that is triggered by caffeine. People who are on a Candida elimination diet are also usually advised to stay off caffeine. Caffeine can also cause more problems in people who have prostate, heart and bladder conditions. So, if you have high blood pressure, you may be better off drinking water, traditional Jamaican mint tea or juice.

Bear in mind that a 16 ounce bottle of Lipton Pureleaf iced tea contains less caffeine than you would usually get in a cup of coffee. A regular 6 ounce cup of coffee may contain as much as 115 mg of caffeine. A good alternative is a tea made using dried peels of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. This hot beverage is tasty and citrus is free of caffeine.

Artificial flavors and colors are a big issue for many consumers. Lipton Pureleaf iced tea is completely free of these additives. Natural apple extract is used to give it its color. Citric acid is added to make it more tart.
People who are concerned about the environment will be pleased to know that half of the leaves used come from farms that are certified as rainforest alliance farms. The beverage is also rich in antioxidants that come from the tea leaves. Each bottle has over 140 mg of flavonoid antioxidants.

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Tremors Due to Manganese - Side Effects of Calcium Supplements

Some people have developed tremors due to high levels of the element manganese in their bodies.
People who have suffered side effects such as this one usually get manganese from supplements or from their work environment. For example, fumes welders inhale sometimes contain this element.

That is not to say that all dietary supplements will have high levels of this particular element, or contribute to an excess of it in your body. However, it does not hurt to speak with your doctor before you start taking a particular brand of supplements. Likewise, if you notice that your behavior or aspects of your physical health change after you make an alteration to your diet, you should consult with a physician.

Manganese chip
Manganese chip-via Wikimedia, CCA 3.0
Many women and men take calcium supplements in order to help their bones and teeth healthy. If you want strong bones, this is not the only way to get them. You may be one of the persons who prefer to adjust your intake of fruit and vegetables in such a way that you get all of the calcium you need from what you eat daily.

This is one way to avoid trace metals such as manganese. In very small quantities, manganese actually helps the body. It plays a vital role in several important reactions and without it the body cannot function well. However people have been found to develop psychiatric issues and have other problems involving their nervous system when taking an excess of it.

You can avoid manganese in supplements by sticking to food sources that contain calcium. Green and leafy vegetables such as callaloo are good sources of calcium.Callaloo can be eaten steamed, added to soup or used as a stuffing with Jamaican style roasted fish.

Calcium is also found in oranges and lots of other fruits. Enriched orange juice can be an additional source of calcium. Researchers have stated that the calcium in enriched orange juice is in a form that makes it easier for it to be utilized inside the body. This type is known as calcium citrate malate.

Calcium citrate malate has been shown to impede the loss of calcium from the spine. If you are a man or woman who is concerned about preventing osteoporosis, it would be helpful for you to have this type of orange juice if you are a regular juice drinker. If you want to reduce your risk of developing tremors, this is one way to cut down on supplements that contain manganese but still get calcium in your diet.
Source: Essential tremor

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Drinking Black Carrot Juice Helps Clear Acne Prone Skin

Drinking black carrot juice has many benefits. If you have skin that is prone to acne, you may find that drinking this type of juice every now and then helps to clear up your pimples.

Along with other healthy lifestyle habits, such as avoiding undue stress that can trigger flare ups, this can help you to produce healthy, radiant skin.

Black carrots are mainly cultivated in Turkey. They are rich in iron, vitamin D and other nutrients. Carrots on a whole are a good source of Vitamin A. This means they have an important role to play in maintaining skin health.

Acne-via Wikimedia, PD

A regular orange carrot usually supplies more than the typical quantity of Vitamin A that a person needs for a single day. Dermatologists usually prescribe Vitamin A, known as Retin-A for acne. Retin-A helps dead cells on the face to shed properly, so they don’t build up and cause the pores to become clogged. Vitamin A is also an anti inflammatory so it calms inflamed skin.

Black carrots moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and supple. They have been used to help keep skin beautiful for many years. Apart from treating acne and keeping the skin supple, Retin-A rich black carrots are also used to help treat hyper pigmentation.

In Jamaica, carrot juice is typically made in one of two ways. The first way is to blend the carrots, strain off the juice and mix that with milk and spices. People who don’t want it that way choose to mix the juice of the carrots with ginger and other ingredients that bring out the flavor.

At a juice bar you will also be able to get a wide range of combinations of carrots with other healthy ingredients such as Moringa, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes. The other ingredients are usually high in Vitamin A as well, so they also help to keep acne prone skin clear.
Source: The Black Carrot

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Weight Loss and Lexapro- Side Effects of the Anxiety Medication in Women

Lexapro is a drug that is used to treat depression and anxiety. It has several side effects in women, including weight loss. This medication works in women and men by increasing serotonin levels in the body. For this reason, Lexapro is classified as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

Depression-via Wikimedia, PD

Serotonin is responsible for blocking feelings of depression in women and men. Scientists are not sure exactly how this hormone works, however it also plays a role in regulating appetite and migraines. Most of the serotonin in the body is in the intestines and it regulates bowel movements there.

Most of the weight loss that is due to Lexapro is usually observed during the first few weeks of taking the medication. Unfortunately, patients don’t often see the benefits of using the drug until after the first five weeks have passed. This means that you will have to bear with the side effects for a while before things get better.
If you find yourself experiencing weight loss or any of the side effects below, you should discuss them with your doctor. These are the side effects that are sometimes experienced by women who are taking Lexapro for depression or anxiety:
There are some things that you can do to manage depression naturally and counteract the milder side effects of this medication. For example, if you find that you are gaining weight, you can cut down on the amount of certain foods- such as those which are high in fat, which you consume. You can also exercise more. If you tend to feel nauseous whenever you eat certain foods while on the medication, avoid them if you can.
There are also side effects that may require emergency medical assistance. If you experience difficulty breathing or swelling of your tongue while taking Lexapro, you should get emergency medical help.
Source: Public Health Advisory: Lexapro

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Bacteria Which Causes a Contagious Infection in Urine

Vancomycin resistant enterococcus can cause a contagious infection in urine. Vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE) can cause infections in different parts of the body. Vancomycin is an antibiotic that is used to kill enterococcus but at times, this bacteria becomes resistant and the drug is not effective in killing it.

Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus

Image via Wikimedia - PD

VRE is very contagious and an infection can easily be transmitted from one person to another, even inside a hospital. VRE can cause serious infections in the blood, brain, skin, urinary tract and other parts of the body.

Some people can carry VRE but it doesn't cause them to get sick. However, people who carry Vancomycin resistant enterococcus can give the bacteria to other people who become sick as a result.

Is a Bladder Infection the Same as a Contagious Infection in Urine?
A regular bladder infection is not the same as a contagious infection in urine. Regular bladder infections are not contagious. Bladder infections are one of the most common types of urinary tract infections. Bladder infections cannot be transmitted through sex or via any other means.

Bladder infections are caused by bacteria. In most cases, the bacteria that causes bladder infections is E. Coli. There are several kinds of E. Coli. Some can cause bloody diarrhea. E. Coli can enter the urethra and make its way up to the bladder via that means. Serious bladder infections, if left untreated, can result in another type of urinary tract infection which involves the kidneys.

Both children and adults can develop a bladder infection. However children usually show symptoms of this type of infection and other infections caused by E. Coli much more quickly than adults do.

How do People Get VRE from Other Persons?
VRE can survive in the blood , feces, saliva and urine of infected persons. In other words, it can be found in all the bodily fluids of persons who are infected. It can live on any surface for a long time. For example, if a person does not wash their hands after using the bathroom and they touch a door handle or another surface, they can leave the bacteria there and someone else can touch it and get sick from VRE as a result.

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