Thursday, December 19, 2013

Food to Eat for Flawless Skin

Both men and women want to have flawless skin that is free of blemishes. Whether you have beautiful dark skin or paler skin, you want to have an even tone on all areas of your body, especially your face. Cute beauty spots and freckles are usually attractive but sometimes cuts, bruises and infected pimples leave marks behind that people want to remove.

A variety of foods made from wheat.
A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are lots of foods you can eat that improve the way your skin looks. Whole grains are good for keeping your skin healthy and free of pimples. They release sugar slowly into the body, unlike refined grains such as bread and pastry.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Aug. 11, 2010) Lt. j.g. Chris...
PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Aug. 11, 2010) Lt. j.g. Christina Bologna shows a diabetic patient at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) the proper way to read food labels to help monitor her blood-sugar levels. The girl is visiting NMCP for the annual Diabetes Marathon, a day to update diabetic children's school health plan and to refresh the participants' knowledge of the ongoing care needed to manage the disease. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Riza Caparros/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels wreak havoc with our skin and can contribute to acne on the back and face. You should also substitute fried foods with baked or grilled fish, chicken or others meats wherever possible. This reduces inflammation in your body.
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