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Smelly yellowish pellets from the tonsils usually cause discomfort in people who have them. Many people with this condition don’t want to have their tonsils removed because this would place their health at risk. ENTs do not recommend removing the tonsils in people who are not at the ideal age or in the ideal condition for that type of surgery.

English: Uvula without tonsils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want your breath to smell fresh and are sick of having smelly breath even after following a strict oral care regimen, the SmartMouth Mouthwash may be able to help you.

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The smelly yellowish or brownish pellets are known as tonsiliths. They are a source of discomfort for people who have them and are often associated with people who have allergies or sinus problems. They cause chronic halitosis.

You can also see an ENT who can perform a one day surgical operation just to remove the smelly tonsil stones so you get the fresh breath that is difficult to achieve with just regular brushing and flossing. A liquid diet that is free of diary may also help to prevent these hard stinky balls that come from the throat and soft palate.
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Pulsatile Irrigation System for Removing Smelly Phlegm, Bad Breath and Tonsiliths

If you struggle with bad breath that is caused by sinusitis and the smelly hard yellow stones that sometimes come from the throat, the pulsatile oral irrigation system may be able to provide relief. You may also gargle vigorously daily with a combination of baking soda, salt and xylitol to help prevent tonsil stones.
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Moving the tonsiliths gets rid of the smell. It is difficult to get rid of the smell by merely brushing the teeth or flossing. Using regular mouthwash once tonsil stones have formed only masks the scent.

Bronto´s halitosis (Photo credit: gaelx)

This is one option for people who have chronic halitosis due to tonsil stones. However, persons have also found relief by specifically going to an ENT, who removed the smelly yellowish pellet in an operation. That surgery is a one day affair so you can be free of the smelly tonsiliths and be back to your regular schedule.

It is a great alternative to a tonsillectomy. In fact, a tonsillectomy may not even be recommended by your doctor if you are over a certain age. A pulsatile irrigation system may help you easily remove these stinky hard balls that come from the throat and have fresh breath.
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