Monday, July 8, 2013

Beta Sitosterol Saw Palmetto to Relieve Enlarged Prostate Health Problems in Men over 50

Beta Sitosterol Saw Palmetto is a natural substance that has been shown to help with prostate problems in older men. This extract is available in supplements such as Healthy Health Maximum Prostate. Beta-Sitosterol is a phytosterol. Phytosterols are chemicals that are found naturally in plants.

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Beta-Sitosterol Lower Cholesterol
Beta-Sitosterol and the other phytosterols have several medical benefits. For example, they help to reduce cholesterol. They do this by working in the intestine to decrease the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into the blood. Soybean oil is a natural source of these substances.

Other Benefits of Phytosterols for Men with Enlarged Prostates 
Beta Sitosterol Saw Palmetto helps men who have the following problems that are generally associated with an enlarged prostate gland:
  • Inability to sleep through the night comfortably
  • Rising periodically to go to the bathroom
  • Problems starting urination
  • Urgent need to urinate

Talk to Your Doctor about this Supplement
The combination is available in several supplements which have been shown to help men with these issues. Beta Sitosterol is extracted from Saw Palmetto berries. If you are considering these supplements, talk to your doctor first, especially if you are on medication for a chronic condition.

Nature's Way Saw Palmetto Berries

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Diana said...

Different types of saw palmetto are now on the market and it is advisable to choose which is right for you according to the articles written by Dr. Mercola about how organic saw palmetto benefits our body. He also stated that there are several supplements that are not natural and contains too much chemicals. It is preferably to choose those that are organic or naturally processed using no chemicals at all.

Top Rated Blogs in North America said...

Hi Diana,
Organic is definitely a better way to go. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.