Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sexually Experienced Men and Women: Do You Want a Partner with a Past?

Would a lack of a large number of girlfriends/boyfriends in your current partner be a turn off? Which would you prefer-a partner with very little experience or someone who has a lot of experience?

Persons may have escaped entering a number of relationships for different reasons. Persons may have been in relatively few relationships for religious reasons, or in order to focus on their career or education. Some persons may have been in a relationship with one person from a young age. They may part from that person later due to divorce, or some other reason, and hold off on entering a new relationship for a while.

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Some persons prefer when their partner has been in at least one other relationship before meeting them. They think they will have to show their partner the ropes, and don’t want to have to do it.

Some people get frustrated easily and don’t want to teach someone else what a relationship is. However, some persons like being in a relationship with someone who is fresh and relatively inexperienced, because that person has not learnt how to have an unhealthy relationship.

Some people like the feeling of being able to experience some things together for the first time with their partner.

Some persons prefer when their partner has not been in a large number of relationships. It reduces their risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Persons who haven’t been in relationships with a number of people are thought to be less likely to bring emotional baggage with them into their current relationship.

What is your opinion on the subject?

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