Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fixing a Badly Broken Nose- Repairing a Broken Nose Surgery

Repairing a broken nose involves fixing the bones that run from the forehead to the tip of the nose. The bones in the nose are not very thick, and because of their position, it is very easy for them to get broken while participating in sports, while working, or during a fight.

A large number of people, who experience bone fractures, have them in their nose.

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Repairing a broken nose may become necessary because the change in the shape of the nose can impede normal functioning in the nose. Some persons lose their sense of smell after their nose is broken. Other persons may develop difficulty breathing.

A broken nose also changes a person’s appearance. Medical insurance will pay for part of the cost of repairing a broken nose, because repairing a broken nose allows the nose to perform its proper function.

If your nose becomes swollen and bruised while you are involved in some physical activity and you suspect that it is broken, you will need to see an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. That doctor can do the necessary tests, and prescribe treatment for a broken nose. They will do what is required for repairing a broken nose.

Ideally, repairing a broken nose should be done within two weeks after the injury. If this doesn’t happen, the bones have to be allowed to heal completely, and then surgery is done. It takes about two months for the bones in the nose to heal.

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