Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Tooth Extraction and Treatment of Dental Problems

Free dental clinics are held in many countries. They serve people who for one reason or another, cannot afford dental services. Many dentists involved in these clinics give their services free of charge.
Patients are treated on a first come first serve basis. Usually many persons come to get their dental problems dealt with. To ensure that they get in, some persons attending the clinic arrive very early. Persons planning the clinic usually have someone on hand to help to maintain order.

Free dental clinics are usually funded by non-profit organizations, which supply materials and pay for the cost of renting space for the clinic. They are also usually responsible for paying for part of the cost of transporting persons who have to come from a different part of the country.

Some free dental clinics are also hosted by practices. These dental practices sometimes give back in this way to the community in which they are located. Persons living in the community can get help with their dental problems at no charge to them.

The services which are usually given free of charge at these clinics include:
  • Dental examinations
  • Free cleanings
  • Free fillings
  • Free extractions

People without dental insurance frequently make use of these services. Approximately 33% of Americans have no dental insurance.
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